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River Cleanup

The Earth Day Cleanup is one of the BRWA’s premier events!  Our cleanup efforts focus on areas in and around waterways throughout the watershed – from the main stem of the Blackstone River to tiny tributaries and wetlands.  These areas can accumulate everything from discarded construction debris to tiny fragments of styrofoam and empty bottles from daily litter.  Items such as these can have a large impact on water quality and aquatic life by dispersing chemicals into the environment, creating trapping hazards, obscuring essential habitats, etc.

Efforts of our dedicated volunteers have removed thousands of pounds of trash and debris from our waterways over the years.  Volunteers include school groups, scout troops, church groups, and students studying environmental science, members of civic organizations and local businesses, and individuals.  Many of these volunteers return year after year, devoting their time, effort, and enthusiasm; excited to help protect and beautify their local natural areas.

In addition to hands on volunteers, our cleanup sponsors provide valuable assistance to make this event possible!  Recent sponsors include:

If you would like to sponsor a cleanup please contact us at or make a donation online.



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